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Purchasing pearls can be confusing. There are freshwater and cultured pearls to choose from. Most pearls today are cultivated in freshwater lakes. Pearls have their own unique grading system that evaluates shape, luster, surface quality, and how well they match the others on the strand. Reputable pearl sellers use an A, AA, AAA grading system which is the common industry standard.

Pearls come in a variety of shapes with round being the most desirable. Luster refers to the pearls shine and brilliance. The pearl surface reflects light and the luster is the manifestation of that light to the human eye. Pearls with low luster may look yellow or dull. Surface quality refers to the amount of imperfections on the pearls surface. Pearls with a poor surface quality may have cracks or holes on the surface. As pearls are a natural occurring substance, they will not be perfectly matched. Pearls with little to no visible imperfections can appear to be perfectly matched when on the strand.

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